Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Free Mobile Capture?

Mobile Capture Apps?

So, the ECM industry is all abuzz about mobile capture, and how it is the future of the document capture industry.  So here are some aps to play with, and see how capture with mobile devices can work for you.  Best part is, they are free.

  1. Microsoft SkyDrive  Huh?  I thought SKyDrive was cloud based storage?  In my exploration of mobile capture apps, I found that SkyDrive allows for integrated use of the camera, and placing of images into a sync folder.  So you can open the app, click Add, and choose to snap a photo of a document or barcode and poof...Mobile Capture for free.
  2. Dropbox  Once again, you are probably saying, isn't that for storage??  Dropbox allows you to configure auto-syncing of photos taken with a mobile device camera, so you can capture a photo, and have it auto-uploaded to a processing folder.
Now once you have captured and sync'ed your mobile capture images, obviously you will need something to process, read barcodes, OCR, extract data and route to your ECM system.  Below is a link of a demo of PSI:Capture, and processing from SkyDrive to Microsoft SharePoint.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

So what is Mobile Capture?

Define Mobile Capture?

The ECM Industry is abuzz with chatter about mobile capture - the ability to use a tablet or smart phone to capture documents and images.  The process can be as simple as snapping a photo with your iPhone, Blackberry, iPad, Android, etc and hitting submit, to enhanced capture that improves the image through an enhanced process or auto-crop.